Photo - Let’s teach children to swim and dive from birth!

Let’s teach children to swim and dive from birth!


      All nine months the baby grows and develops in the water, so children have a swimming reflex from birth. Although it disappears for up to three months, experts advise to develop this reflex from a week-old age, straight after healing of the baby’s navel. First, in a small bath, and after 2-3 weeks in a large one. At this age, it is important to teach the baby to dive. How? Very easy. Place the child on your hand and say: “Let’s dive”, blow on the face, and then pour a small amount of water on the baby’s head. Repeat several times and only then pour the water in such a way that it falls on the face. Imagine that children at this age are able to hold the air. And after a while, training, you can not just water the baby, but also submerge the child in the water

    Swimming strengthens the immune system of the baby and has a positive effect on the emotional state. Children who swim from an early age develop faster than their peers. Swimming forms the correct posture and warns muscular dystonia, flat foot and scoliosis. Moreover swimming is an excellent prevention of colds and running nose, because getting into the child's nose, the water washes and fortifies it. It is useful to swim with the baby. The baby will feel calmer near the mother, because he/she trusts her completely. 

 You can start visiting the pool at the age of two, at four, well, or even seven years old. It doesn’t matter when you take the child to the pool for the first time, the main thing is that the baby is ready for it and receives only pleasure from swimming. Therapeutic swimming for children is especially recommended in case of problems with the spine, posture, bad sleep, poor appetite and hyperactivity

Teach your children to swim from birth and grow healthy!