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Why do more than 1500 clients trust us?

  • High-quality products
  • Compliance with the European quality standards
  • Safe production
  • Reliable and certified suppliers of raw materials
  • Modern production line (injection-molding machines of Austrian manufacturer ENGEL)
  • Own professional design studio
  • Team of professionals
  • 20 years on the children goods market
  • 12 years of experience in toys manufacturing
  • 150 items in current range of products
  • 1500 clients
  • 8,5 mln psc

The benefits of "Tigres" toys

  • Produced from safe raw materials -polypropylene (European origin)
  • No sharp, cutting edges
  • Very strong sides
  • Secure binding of elements
  • A lot of moving elements
  • Original color options
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Toys are tested by children


All products are certified and have passed quality control tests according to European standards (EN-71) and marked with the CE sign.

Toys manufacturing

  • Design of toys' elements
  • Moulds production
  • Toys' elements production
  • Product assembling
  • Packaging of final products

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  • You are a distributor or a retailer.
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  • You want to receive commissions.

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  • Once the products range is agreed upon, we come to terms and sign a contract.
  • We process and send you the order.

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The geography of our sales

  • Moldova 200 000 items
    from 2014
  • Russian Federation 2 mln items
    from 2013
  • Kazakhstan 100 000 items
    from 2014
  • European Union 3 mln items
    from 2013
  • Republic of Belarus 500 000 items
    from 2013

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