Photo - Adaptation to kindergarten: week, month, year?

Adaptation to kindergarten: week, month, year?


  Your little darling tries to eat independently and does not need diapers anymore. You enjoy growing up of your child and at the same time miss it. This is because ahead is the first separation with your child,  which is longer than usual - a visit to the kindergarten. In order for the baby to adapt to the new environment more easily, first all parents must understand that everything will be fine with the child in the kindergarten. After all, no matter how caring parents may be, their attention will not replace communication with peers, which is indispensable for the social development of a child. The child will miss you. A week, month or year, it is up to you.

All kids miss moms and dads. Someone for three weeks, someone for a week, someone for a month, and someone for a year). How much time it will take to adapt to the kindergarten depends on you. Psychologists advise to use some tricks in order to help the child to like the kindergarten.

 Every day go for a walk to the kindergarten. Tell how wonderful it is there, how many toys are there and how many friends will your child have there. Underline that not all children are accepted to the kindergarten, only “adults” who can independently dress, eat, draw go there. Explain that visiting the kindergarten is an important and responsible activity. Adults go to work and children attend kindergarten, where they learn useful things: read, write and calculate.

Play in the kindergarten

  Using the toys show what happens in the kindergarten, play over the whole day. Take on a role of the preschool teacher with your child: meet toys in the kindergarten, hug them, ask how their mood is today. Let the children-toys become acquainted with each other. Feed them with a delicious breakfast, read a fairy tale, walk on the fresh air, play in the sandbox. Have a lunch and put to bed. At the end of the day, let all the toys be taken home by their parents. Let the children-toys tell the parents how much they liked the kindergarten and that they will definitely come again.

Change your daily routine

Adjust your daily routine in advance. Go to bed earlier and in the morning wake the child up with tender kisses and kind words. Try to feed the baby and put to sleep at the same time as it is in the kindergarten.

Increase the time that the baby spends in the kindergarten gradually

  Have an excursion with your baby. Become acquainted with the nursery teachers and children. Show the baby where his/her bed and wardrobe will be. On the first day, do not leave the baby for a long time. Increase your time in the garden gradually. Allow to take favorite toys with him/her. If the kid agrees, you can bring several toys and leave them in the kindergarten. Also, during the first week you can take a toddler to the kindergarten till the daytime sleep. The baby will understand that there is nothing terrible in this establishment, he/she can play with the children, and then mom will come and take him/her home.

Visit the kindergarten every day, even if the baby is naughty. “Dad and I go to work and you go to the kindergarten. In the evening we will definitely play together! "

Always keep your promises and baby will listen and trust you. If you promise to take the child home earlier - be sure to do it and never frighten a child with a kindergarten.

Adaptation to kindergarten runs in different ways for different children. However, if you prepare your baby, then in a few weeks the baby will happily go to his/her friends, and you will soon be able to return to work. Or again take maternity leave)