Photo - Від чого залежить розвиток мовлення та успішність малюка?

Від чого залежить розвиток мовлення та успішність малюка?


 How and when to develop fine motor skills of hands Specialists constantly emphasize the development of fine motor skills of the hands. Why is it so important and how to develop it? Fine motor skills of the hands are precise movements of the fingers and hands of the child.

Experts say that the development of precise movements promotes the development of speech and intellectual development of the child. From the first minutes of life the child explores the world around him. Initially uncoordinated movements, they become more confident every day.

The child tries to grasp the surrounding objects with small palms, developing a grasping reflex. Over time, this skill will help your baby hold a spoon, and later pencils and a pen. We can influence a child's language development, literacy and thinking. To do this, play with the baby from birth, using different toys. From the first days of life, do a gentle massage of small handles every time you change the baby. While gently talking to the baby, massage your fingers, so you will affect the active points that are associated with the cerebral cortex.

While the child has not yet learned to hold the toy on their own, help to touch the bright rattles of different textures. When the baby begins to sit on their own, play with him developing toys-sorters, puzzles, mosaics. Show how to fold correctly. By repeating the movements of an adult with the little fingers, the child will develop fine motor skills of the hands, which will promote the development of creativity, speech, imagination and fantasy. The more small movements are subject to the small hand, the better the development of mental activity.

Thus, the daily assembly of puzzles or mosaics improves the memory and mental abilities of the child. Playing with sand and water also has a beneficial effect on the development of fine motor skills, especially in preschool. Even if it's cold outside, you can buy a children's table with several sections, pour sand and invite your child to play in the dark. Hide the small parts from the sorter in the sand and ask the child to find them, and then let the baby hide something from you in the sand. This exciting game is very useful for the development of memory, attention and emotional state of the child. The level of development of fine motor skills is one of the indicators of intellectual readiness for school. A child with a high level can think logically, has a well-developed memory, attention and coherent speech. Your child's success is in his little hands!