Photo - Take care of your baby's health from childhood: buy certified toys!

Take care of your baby's health from childhood: buy certified toys!


   The child explores the world through the game. The toys develop the most important child’s skills, which are necessary for studying, forming the character and harmonious personality. Great importance has educational toys at the age of 1+.

   Training the motor skills with the help of educational toys at pre-school age influences for the speech, memory, attention development and coordination of movements. Very important is that the toy is made of safe raw material and meets the child’s age.

Requirements for toys:

   Requirements for manufacturers and importers of toys and the materials from which they are made are set out in the State Sanitary Rules and Safety Standards for Toys and Games for Children's Health (DSanPiN Also, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 151 of February 28, 2018, approved the Technical Regulations for the Safety of Toys.

  The annexes to the Technical Regulation specify special requirements for the safety of toys, a list of allergenic flavoring substances that should not be contained in toys. Compliance of the toy with the requirements of the Regulations is confirmed by applying to each toy, its packaging, operating instructions or other accompanying document a mark of compliance with technical regulations.

 What to look for to be sure of the quality of the toy.

  Nowadays the market is overloaded with different toys. But how can we choose the safe toy for children among this variety? Before buying the toy ask the seller for a Declaration of Conformity and check the labeling. Pay attention to the information on the package or label. A toy can be considered safe if it states:

- Signs of conformity

- The national mark of conformity is used to label products that comply with certain technical regulations for attestation of conformity. This mark is the only mark that indicates the compliance of products with the mandatory safety requirements in force in Ukraine for products of a certain category.

- a special mark that is applied to the product or packaging. It means that the product meets all the established requirements that apply to the territory of the EAEU Customs Union member states.

- A special mark affixed to the product, confirming the conformity of the product with the applicable EU Directives and harmonized technical regulations in the EU, and indicating that the product has passed the certification or declaration procedure for the European market.

- Name and address of the manufacturer

- Name and address of the importer/authorized representative (if the product is of foreign origin)

- Type of toy, its name

- SKU number

- Date of manufacture and/or batch number, expiration date

- Age recommendation

- Warnings and precautions for use

- Instructions: operation, care and storage conditions

Best of all to buy toys by proven brands. Particularly, TM Tigres informs end consumers about composition, characteristics, age recommendation.

The composition of plastic toys TM Tigres

The toys by Ukrainian manufacturer are made of safe raw material and are detail checked at all stages of production. The raw materials used by the manufacturer are polypropylene, polyethylene and dyes used in the food industry.

Polypropylene is used for the production of:

  •   food packaging
  •  medical devices
  •  household goods
  •   toys

  Polypropylene is a non-toxic, safe and durable material, resistant to weather conditions and temperature changes. Bright colors of toy parts provide non-toxic dyes used by the manufacturer. You can drink and eat from TM Tigres toy dishes, and feed the baby with spoons from the set during the first feeding.

  Toys' details are made without harm to the environment on special automatic molding machines. Under the action of high temperatures, in a few seconds, with the help of a mold, the machine forms a part without any fumes and toxins. Colored stickers on products are applied by means of modern IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology, and they are safe for children, resistant and durable.

  Tigres has started the production of eco-friendly toys. The Elfiki toy series is made of bioplastic.

  Bioplastic is a high-density polyethylene, which is 94% composed of sugar cane, a renewable raw material. That's why I'm green polyethylene absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  However, toys made of bioplastics have the same properties as toys made of traditional plastic.

  Every year, tourists from all over the country and guests from abroad come to see how toys are made by Tigres. The Ukrainian manufacturer is opened to new partners seeking to manufacture or sell quality certified products.

Follow the link, write and call to get detailed information about the partnership.