Photo - Eco toys "ELFIKI end friends" - we care about the safety of children and the environment

Eco toys "ELFIKI end friends" - we care about the safety of children and the environment


  According to the Scripps Oceanographic Institute, in 2019 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the first time in human history reached a maximum level - 415.26 ppm. This level of carbon dioxide concentration was observed about 3 - 5 million years ago, when the temperature on Earth was several degrees higher than now ..

  The amount of carbon dioxide in the air varies and depends on the season, but continues to grow. In particular, in 2018 this figure was 405.5 ppm Therefore, it is important that humanity should take care of the environment and try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is with care for the environment that the plastic toys of the ELFIKI end friends brand were created. They are made of bioplastic, which is 94% sugar cane.

  • Bioplastic production reduces carbon emissions.
  • Sugarcane is grown on controlled pesticide-free plantations in central and southern Brazil.
  • Sugar cane is harvested every 6-12 months.

Sugar cane bioplastic is a 100% stable raw material that is not inferior in its properties to traditional plastic.

Sugar industry waste is used to form biological polyethylene. Sugar cane is a renewable raw material, while synthetic polyethylene is made from fossil raw materials in the form of crude oil and petroleum gas.

During growth, sugar cane removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produces oxygen. Therefore, the use of biological polyethylene is a huge contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.

In the first stage, ethanol is extracted from sugar cane. In the process of dehydration, "green ethylene" is formed, which is the basis of biological material. Sugar cane polyethylene is quite plastic and meets all toy safety standards.

Plastic toys "ELFIKI end friends"

The brand's plastic toys are an educational series for children 1+ Made taking into account children's physical and intellectual abilities in stylish pastel colors.

Toys develop the most important skills:

  • Develop logical thinking
  • Introduce the child to the figures
  • Develop the skill of comparing objects
  • Develop fine motor skills of hands
  • Develop tactile sensations
  • Train memory, perseverance and attentiveness

When choosing toys from the ELFIKI brand, you care about the safety of children and their future

Let's save the environment together!