Photo - Why it is important to develop fine motor skills for children?

Why it is important to develop fine motor skills for children?


In ancient times, the Chinese emphasized that active work with the fingers affects the development of the brain. Writing, drawing, lacing shoes, buttoning - all these actions involve the precise work of the fingers, which must be learned from early childhood.

Fine motor skills are the ability to perform precise and small movements of the fingers, thanks to the coordinated actions of the skeletal, nervous and muscular systems of the body. Folding constructors, puzzles, mosaics, children train fine motor skills of hands and develop the most important skills.

The development of fine motor skills is associated with the development of cognitive processes: memory, attention, coordination of movements. Experts emphasize that fine motor skills are responsible for the development of speech and clarity of sounds. If it is well developed, the child will speak clearly in kindergarten, and in the first grade will not have problems with writing. It is necessary to train fine motor skills of hands from the early childhood with the help of toys.

What toys are better to buy for the development of fine motor skills?

Toys help children to explore the world and to develop harmoniously.

Mosaics, puzzles, constructors, sorters - all these toys will help to train fine motor skills of the child every day. The toy has to be useful and safe! Small detail can harm a one-year-old baby. As a rule, it is the period of teething when the gums are very itchy and the child has a strong need to put everything to the mouth.

"My first mosaic" - an educational toy for children from one year. Large toy chips are safe for young researchers. Includes 10 color patterns, a transparent tablet with holes and 54 chips in five different colors. The child will fold the chips according to the pattern, train fine motor skills, attention and analyze colors to choose the right shades. Thanks to different patterns, this toy will hold the child's attention for a long time, because each time the child will have a new image.

Educational toy "Baby puzzles" are puzzles for the little ones. The child should make a complete picture from various details. Each element of the puzzles has a small, neat handle to make it easy to fold the picture. This toy helps to develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and observation. When the baby will learn to put together a puzzle, it can be hung on the wall as a significant achievement of the baby.

Children who’ve just learn to sit, can play with "Toy puzzles".  The details of the toy are streamlined, big and safe. 20 colored chips can be stacked on a tablet, or on top of each other. In this way the child will develop logical thinking and spatial imagination.

Toy sorter "Educational cube" will develop and entertain the child. 18 multi-colored figures in the form of various geometrical figures, 6 walls-tablets with openings in forms of geometrical figures. The child chooses a figure according to the form of an opening, plays and develops.

Once for the development of fine motor skills were used different cereals, which were often swallowed by babies. Today, parents can develop the most important skills of children with the help of quality toys and not worry about their safety.

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