Photo - Is your baby coping with the stacking toys? – developmental norms of the one-year old baby

Is your baby coping with the stacking toys? – developmental norms of the one-year old baby


Soon you will celebrate the first birthday of your child. His/her weight has increased several times since birth. The baby has grown up and probably is already taking first faltering steps.

The kid is playing with different toys. Can he/she cope with the stacking toys? The experts note that a one-year-old child should independently stack this multi-colored toy. It is so functional that it can replace several educational toys. Thanks to stringing rings on the rod, fine motor skills of small hands are developed and coordination of movements is also improved. Being engaged in this game together with mum or dad, the child begins to study colors, learns to compare objects among themselves, looking for similarities and differences. The game stimulates the development of memory, speech and thinking. Stacking toy begins to attract the child as soon as it learns to hold the objects in own palms, and when he/she begins to sit then the child will try to put colorful rings on the rod. Mums are looking forward to the moment when the baby will independently cope with the stacking toy. After removing the rings from the rod, put them in one row.  Explain that the rings are increasing steadily in the diameter, pay attention to the colors and shape. For comparison show the child two rings of different diameter- in such a way you can clearly explain the difference between large and small. This knowledge develops logical thinking of the child. Very soon the baby will independently cope with this simple but so important for his/her development toy.

Physical development:

  • The baby is walking independently or with support.
  • The baby is trying to climb out from the high chair.
  • The baby is standing up unsupported and walking: crawling, hunkering down, rising and marching.

Motor skills of the hands of the child:

  • The baby is coping with the staking toys.
  • The baby is using cutlery, toothbrush, comb, telephone.
  • The child is opening the wardrobes, taking out their content.
  • The child is throwing the ball with the hands.
  • The child is helping to get dressed.
  • The child is eating independently, holding the bottle.

     Speech and communicative development:

  • The child is pronouncing 4-6 words.
  • The child is pronouncing parts of words.
  • The child is pronouncing the word «no» accompanying it with the mimic.
  • The child is calling for help, using for it certain sounds.
  • The child is finding out names and pointing to the acquaintances.
  • The child understands and performs step-by-step requests: «Throw the ball to the dad».