Photo - Construction set – toy for intelligent children!

Construction set – toy for intelligent children!


Development of fine motor skills of hands is inextricably connected with the child brain development. It is especially manifested in school age, when good memory, concentration, coherent speech, prompt response, ability to think logically that are the responsibilities of the fine motor skills that help the child in studying.

It is necessary to develop fine motor skills since birth. At first the child will study to grab the things, to hold rattles, later – to draw and write. The brain of the person contains speech and motor centers that are located close to each other. This explains also the fact that during interaction with small things the speech center is activated.

The development of fine motor skills is best done using a variety of toys. The child while playing perceives the world and develops. Construction sets are best suited for this. 

The scientists have long ago proven the fact that the construction set helps to activate speech and motor centers of the child. The first construction set was created in the second half of the nineteenth century! In the year 1880 German engineers, pioneers of aviation Otto and Gustav Lilienthal created construction set Anker. The set consisted of bricks made from a mixture of silica sand, chalk and flax seed oil.

Today a variety of construction sets are presented on the market: soft, wooden, metal, cardboard, magnetic, dynamic and mechanical.

Construction set can fulfil its main function - develop fine motor skills of the hands, if it is safe and selected according to age.

For children from the age of 12 months choose a construction set that consists of large parts and is made of safe materials. The teeth are actively cutting in the children of this age, so the baby will definitely take the toy in to the mouth. Meccano Poiednaiko (Connection) is ideal for one year old children! It has large protruding parts made using food colours. Such a plastic constructor set will be an excellent educational toy for a child. It will help to develop creativity, motor skills of the hands, intelligence, attention and imagination.

Meccano Hedgehog is an excellent toy for children from the age of three years old. Thanks to the special system of connections the child will construct the weirdest figures while developing intellectual skills. 

Meccano in the container Funny blocks is for small intellectuals! It consists of 180 small parts of different forms and colors, among them parts in the form of the heads of the animals:  giraffes, dogs, cats, horse, monkey, parrot, rabbit and elephant, which in combination with the other blocks are transferred into real animals. You can purchase the meccano with free delivery in our internet-shop.

Meccano LUX is developing the motor skills of hands, logical thinking, intellect and child’s attention. With its help the child will learn how to distinguish sizes and forms of the things and also will easily study the main colours. Bright details allow creating different architectural masterpieces.

Children’s construction set has streamlined form without sharp ledges, which is safe for your child.

Buy the construction sets for the children in our internet-shop. Develop fine motor skills and be proud of your intelligent child!

The children study to grab the things with the palm, but not only with the fingers, the children of the older age study to write and to draw. And for that we have to thank fine motor skills. Sure enough there is no point to rest upon only fine motor skills. Obligatory are good teachers and correct toys after all the children adore amusing themselves! And here it is necessary to concentrate upon profit of the STEM-toy, in particular on the meccanoes.