Photo - «Best friend» is the collection of developing stress-relieving toys for the smallest

«Best friend» is the collection of developing stress-relieving toys for the smallest


In the modern world the children are overloaded with information. They are constantly feeling stress. In order to release uncontrolled emotions the child begins biting nails, pulling the ears, twirling strands of hair. Tactile senses are soothing the nervous system and relaxing the child. To help the child cope with emotions the experts created stress-relieving toys. They have special effect on the nervous system of the child and improve the emotional background. Natural antidepressants are made from various materials, they are focused on different age category.

Stress-relieving toys help the child:

  • to calm down
  • to relieve the stress and emotional tension
  • to abstract from negative situations and ideas
  • to concentrate on the execution of one task
  • to cheer up,
  • to cope with excitement.

Stress-relieving toys not only soothe the child, but also have developmental functions. In particular, they affect the motor and speech centers of the child.

 Choosing the stress-relieving toy

The choice of stress-relieving toy depends on the age of the child.

When choosing the stress-relieving toy, take to account the age of the child and strictly follow the manufacturer's labelling.

Materials have to be of high quality and safe for children's health. For example, toys made from natural fur can cause an allergic reaction in children, and various slimes and lickers can dye the skin with dangerous dyes.

The toy has to be good-looking, smooth to the touch.

Pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the care of the toy.

For children of primary school age will be interesting stress-relieving colouring books, for teenagers - spinners and for the smallest the psychologists recommend buying soft stress-relieving toys.

Design can be completely different: animals, food, geometric shapes. Qualitative toys are made from the certified fabric. They are filled with hypoallergenic siliconized fiber and polypropylene granules that do not absorb moisture. Soft stress-relieving toys keep their appearance for a long time, do not fade, and do not lose their shape, always stay soft.

Soft toys from the collection "Best friend" are ideal for babies since their birth. The tummy is rustling, it will attract the attention of the baby and develop tactile sensations and the special granules that are used for filling the toy will develop fine motor skills of the hand, which is responsible for the speech of the child.

Safe materials, qualitative embroidery, bright colours and original design of the "Best friend" will definitely appeal to toddlers, pre-schoolers and pupils. Cute teddy bears, bunny, cat, chicken, panda, owl and mousy are great antidepressants and unique backpack decoration. "Best Friend" will soothe your little child in the kindergarten and will help you to adapt to school.

Collect the collection of the «best friends» and learn to speak, investigate, study and discover the world together with us!

  • Develops sensor feelings and fine motor skills
  • Influences on the speech development
  • Original design
  • 100% safe raw materials
  • Harmony of colours
  • Since birth

You can buy soft stress-relieving toys in our internet-shop.

Gather the collection of «Best friend», play and develop.