Photo - Middle truck - a toy car that can withstand a load of 120 kg!

Middle truck - a toy car that can withstand a load of 120 kg!


Girls are given soft toys, sets for creativity, and boys are given constructors and cars. But if, instead of a regular car, you give construction equipment from the Middle truck series, the interest in the game will take on a completely different character.

You can buy a garbage truck, a crane, a truck and a concrete mixer of the Middle truck series.

The construction machines are outwardly similar to the real machinery, because the manufacturer has accurately conveyed the functional features of each model. All toys are made of safe raw materials, high-quality and certified. The strong base of the machine can withstand a load of 120 kg.

Thinking about which construction machine to buy for a boy? A toy concrete mixer is a great choice! The young builder will forget about endless viewing of television programs and computer games for a long time. A bright, multifunctional toy will become one of the most loved.The moving drum and special accessories make the toy as similar as possible to a real concrete mixer. You can play with it not only with sand, but also with leaves or small pebbles

The toy garbage truck is also an integral model in the special equipment collection. It will help to arrange interesting and exciting games. The child will get a lot of pleasure and pleasant emotions. With the help of a toy garbage truck, the boy will easily understand how real machinery is arranged and works. Multifunctional special equipment with a large number of details and develops the child's imagination and vision. You can buy a toy garbage truck, which is a small copy of the real one, at an affordable price in our online store. We guarantee the impeccable quality of each toy and its reliability.

The crane of the Middle truck series with moving elements will help during construction to transport toy bricks and lift them to different heights. It is multifunctional and durable.

No construction is complete without a truck. A mobile trailer is very convenient, especially when you need to unload sand or pebbles. The truck can be tied to a shoelace and taken with you for a walk in the park. If the baby gets tired, he can lift the trailer and sit on the car, because it can withstand a load of up to 120 kilograms.

Special toy equipment will not leave any boy indifferent. In addition to the cognitive function, toys can also be used to educate children. In a playful way, with the help of a garbage truck, teach your child to clean his room. Ask the little one to collect leaves in the yard or use a crane to transport twigs in the yard. Such games contribute to the development of fine motor skills, spatial orientation, logic, thinking and creative abilities. During the game, the child will learn more useful information that he will need in the future. Buy construction cars according to the age of the child. Pay attention to the characteristics and quality of the toy. In our online store you can buy machines that have a quality certificate and meet European standards.