Photo - ELFIKI Brand: a new breakthrough in creating eco-friendly and safe toys

ELFIKI Brand: a new breakthrough in creating eco-friendly and safe toys


Environmental education and increasing ecological awareness are extremely important in today's world. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. That's why more and more people and companies are seeking alternatives to traditional plastic that are safe for the environment. And here's one such solution: bioplastic!

Bioplastic is a material made from natural sources such as corn or sugarcane. It differs from conventional plastic in that its production does not require the use of oil, thus avoiding harm to nature. ELFIKI, the first brand in Ukraine to produce toys made from bioplastic created from sugarcane and wood composite.

ELFIKI Eco Pyramid: Fostering Children's Development and Their Future Among the brand's range of eco-friendly toys, the pyramid holds a special place.

ELFIKI Pyramid is an innovative educational toy that combines learning and fun. It is designed to promote the development of environmentally conscious citizens and the cultivation of ecological values in society.

The Pyramid contributes to the development of children's motor skills, coordination, and logical thinking. Thanks to this Ukrainian brand, children today can play with toys that are not only beneficial for their development but also environmentally friendly.

The eco-friendly pyramid toy is a multifunctional toy that not only entertains children but also enhances their skills and abilities.

Motor Skills and Coordination: Building the pyramid requires fine motor skills and coordination. Children must skillfully position and connect the individual parts of the pyramid, which promotes the development of their hands and fingers.

Cognitive Development: The pyramid helps develop cognitive skills in children. They learn to classify, compare, and recognize different shapes, sizes, and colors of the pyramid's parts. This enhances their observational skills, attention, and thinking abilities.

Spatial Imagination: The pyramid contributes to the development of spatial thinking in children. They learn to understand and utilize different orientations, think logically, and build structures. This enhances their ability to analyze and solve problems.

Understanding Cause and Effect: During playtime with the pyramid, children learn to understand cause and effect relationships. They observe how the structure of the pyramid changes when adding or removing individual parts. This fosters their logical thinking and understanding of simple mathematical concepts.

Social Development: Playing with the pyramid can also be a social activity that promotes cooperation and communication skills. Children can build pyramids together, discuss their actions, and share ideas. This teaches them interaction, cooperation, and understanding others.

Using toys made from bioplastic is a step towards a cleaner and greener future. They help us learn to use materials that do not harm the environment and instill ecological consciousness in future generations.

ELFIKI toys are a wonderful example of how we can combine playtime with ecological values.

Together, we can make the world a better place!