Photo - A pillow with patriotic symbols is the best souvenir from Ukraine!

A pillow with patriotic symbols is the best souvenir from Ukraine!


 Pillows are an essential accessory for our life, and not only for sleeping. Decorative pillows embellish vitality, beauty salons, cars and offices. The pillow is associated with calmness and comfort. It is important to show our life without a pillow.

However, it didn’t start like that, if the pillow got into a luxury and was far from accessible to everyone.

History of pillow travel

It is necessary to bring up that the pillows appeared a thousand years ago.

The first accessories for sleep were Egyptians. Tse confirm the artifacts found in the Egyptian pyramids. Tse buli did the right work of art. An arcuate plank on the lower or platform, so the titles are an object for sleep, creations, so that you don’t use cunning zachіska, which were fashionable among the nobles of that hour.

Our ancestors, the slov’yans, put a son’s head under it and twisted it with a blanket so that it didn’t prick. They started to put the blue in the teddy bear. Old-fashioned pillows were reminiscent of grass, tufts, kinsky hair and wool.

Later, people began to fill their pillows with down. In an hour, the pillow near the words began to look more aesthetically pleasing and especially meaningful in the sense of being. The maiden, who was chosen abroad, was responsible for taking the dowry, which meant that pillows laid down part of it. The girls sewed covers for pillows, decorated them with embroidery. Great little embroidered pillows began to embellish the donkeys of the villagers.

The purpose of the pillow has changed. At the back, it’s a practical addition, so you don’t add a comb, then an element of comfort, and later - a decorative element of the interior.

Pillow ТМ Tigres is an ideal patriotic gift and a souvenir for a riddle about Ukraine.

In today's life, pillows are subdivided into accessories for sleep (e.g. pillows), luxury pillows (orthopedic, for women) and interiors.

Pillows with patriotic symbols are especially popular. Designers of the Ukrainian TM Tigres have created a unique series of pillows with national symbols. The designer pillow ideally passes to the interior, home or office, or marvels at the car.

Designer pillows ТМ Tigres:

  • 100% safe syrovina
  • Ideally suited for grilling and comfortable resting
  • High Yakist
  • Hypoallergenic

Patriotic gift for grown-ups and children. A series of stylish pillows with national symbols, created by the designers of the Ukrainian brand, to bring love to Ukraine among the smallest and give the atmosphere of home calmness.

Buy patriotic pillows TM Tigres, because the stench is created in the soul!