Photo - How to raise a confident and successful individual

How to raise a confident and successful individual


 "I'm a loser, I can't do it and I'll never do it! "I'll succeed, I'll have to try again and I'll definitely succeed" - these are the thoughts of two people: an optimist and a pessimist, which accompany them all their lives. It all began in childhood. The first child's parents kept saying, "You're a loser!" and the second one heard every morning: "May today be a good day for you. Remember, you will succeed.

 The personal development guru assures that self-confidence is the only thing parents should give to their children. After all, all the material benefits and even paid-up education are worthless if a person is not sure of his / her next step. So how to bring up a successful person? Bring up an optimist!

The kid's making his first steps. He/she looks at you and subconsciously waits for your delight and compliments. Clap your hands, kiss him/her and say, "You're doing great," and he/she will be trying even better.

The child already walks confidently, but periodically falls, he / she need support. Hug him/her and assure him/her: "A little more and you will not fall down at all. You will succeed. I believe".

The child cannot fold puzzles or a constructor. Help a little and encourage with magic words: "You can do it. You're an adult! ». The baby in kindergarten got dirty, maybe it happened accidentally, but mom's mad. Stop, these are just things that you can wash or buy new ones. Explain calmly that he / she have to take care of his / her clothes: " I know, that you are very neat. I believe in you! »

A little schoolboy tore up a book. Glue it together. Tell briefly about the process of making the book and emphasize: "You will be careful with the books? I believe in you! ».

If the child lost something at school and the little one is really worried, be sure to buy the same thing. The child will understand that it is not necessary to worry and from each situation there is a way out.

Don't compare the child with others. Do not focus on bad grades, but highlight their achievements. Correct the child's behavior with advice rather than criticism.

Never dramatize in front of children. After all, kids are very concerned with their parents' mood. You spilled coffee on a blouse? This is an occasion to buy a new one. Did your equipment break down? Okay, there will be a new and better one. Is it raining outside? It’s a great opportunity to put on boots and walk through puddles. Is it hot? Let's buy ice cream in the evening.

Only optimistic parents who see the opportunity in everything will be able to bring up a successful, self-confident person. Enjoy not only your achievement. Enjoy the failures, because without them there would be no next step. But most of all enjoy every new morning with your little optimist!