Photo - Joint games - a life saving vest from virtual life

Joint games - a life saving vest from virtual life


Role-playing plays an important role in a child's development. After all, many children today have almost no responsibilities. At the most, it's to put away their toys and make up their crib. Mom and Dad do everything on their own. Sometimes they even dress the child and fold at first toys for him/her, and then notebooks and books. Dressing and feeding is the main task that young parents set themselves and make a big mistake. In addition to clothing and food, the child also requires skills that will later be needed in adult life.

 Modern teenagers do not know how to communicate with their peers, because usually all their free time is spent online. And this is not a teenage crisis. This crisis begins in childhood. When Mom and Dad give the child a gadget instead of communication and engaging in household chores, and instead of playing together, turn on the TV. They don't wait for the baby to dress himself, instead they quickly dressing him/her themselves. And they spoon-feed them at school age because the child is hysterical and refuses to eat himself. Children don't want to do basic things. They are in charge and the reason for this is that parents are always busy.

Surveys conducted among parents of preschool children show that the majority of parents do not paint, sculpt or play together with their children. Employed mums and dads, at best, take their children to different circles and then, resting at home with a TV or phone. Kids imitate their parents. And instead of playing and developing children gladly watching TV and playing virtual games. The kid with a phone or tablet in his hands does not hear and does not see what is happening around.  It is captured by a virtual game that sometimes has a very negative effect on the sensitive child's psyche. Children become dependent on gadgets sometimes more than on sweet delicacies. In order to prevent a child from living his / her life online, parents in the game must teach him / her how to communicate, learn and work. Socio-dramatic play is a magic tool for the proper development of a conscious little man. After all, this game is a miniature reflection of adult life.

By engaging in socio-dramatic play:

  • the child develops imagination and spatial thinking;
  • the child feels like an adult, he / she teaches, heals, teaches;
  • Developing of communication skills
  • the child learns to behave at the table and in public places
  • getting ready for kindergarten and later for school.

Children are growing and developing very quickly. The experts state that the golden age for the formation of a child's social skills is from 2 to 5 years. Do not waste this time on virtual games. Play and develop together with your children.