Photo - Playpit: learn how to share and agree!

Playpit: learn how to share and agree!


Playpit is a place where children find their first friends, learn how to play together, agree and share toys. When playing with a sand with peers children develop their first communicational skills, train memory and attention and improve fine motor skills.

     емоційPlaypit is a tiny community where children first realize that there are other children too and not every toy belong to them. This especially is important for children who don’t have siblings. Cooperative game is a playpit is a kind of preparation to the kindergarten. Watching you kid in a playpit you can notice development of his/her emotional intelligence: will your kid try making friends with others or play alone. It is important to teach your kid to play and agree with others. Specialists convince that development of emotional intelligence and sociability are more important than IQ level.

Sets of buckets, spades and rakes are irreplaceable toys during spring and summer. When choosing sets for a playpit, pay attention to quality and color of plastic. Toys must to be comfortable for tiny hands.   

To make game in a playpit interesting and useful, you should take not only playpit sets, but also cars. Take several toys, play with your kid and involve other parents to the game. Show your kids how to share with each other “I give you to play, your give me”. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” to kids. Teach your kids to play with a friend’s toys, and give them back. In such a way you can teach your child not to take someone’s stuff in a kindergarten and school.      

Playkit has optimal conditions for development of child’s  imagination, activation of his/her spatial awareness, logical thinking, fine motor skills. During the process of cooperative game children realize moral and ethical norms, find harmonic image of surrounding. “Playpit world” – is the first adaptation to life in the society. Make it bright and fascinating with special toys! Play and develop with your kids!