Photo - "Yes" or "No" - How to find the happy mean in raising a child?

"Yes" or "No" - How to find the happy mean in raising a child?


Every woman who has gone through nine months of pregnancy, first heard her baby crying, saw the first step of a mite of a child and celebrated the first tooth, would agree: we are happy due to the children!

All parents think about their baby's future oftentimes. What will it be like? It would be great if the child would be successful, find his/her destination, and be happy. While raising a child, parents make some mistakes that can interfere with their children to become truly happy in the future.

First, a child needs one hundred percent and uncompromising natural affection! From one through two years, children need warmth, tenderness, and attention. Physical contact with parents is important for them. If at this age, a child is begging for hands, it is not a whim, but he/she needs attention. The first mistake parents make is their fear of spoiling a child with their presence and tenderness. It is a misconception because children lack security. Such a kid may grow up with a lack of self-trust.

The second mistake is the overindulgence of the child. The kid learns the world every day. He/she is interested in absolutely everything. It is very important that the child understands the word "no" from the first step, and that there are things or objects that are forbidden. Forbidden both today and tomorrow. If the child is allowed everything, he/she becomes despotic, but not happy. Eventually, the kid realizes that the world is not going to adapt to all his/her desires and whims. Such children have trouble while adapting to kindergarten because, for the first time, parents, who take a hint to satisfy all of his/her wishes are not near.

The third mistake, the most common and widespread, is when children are given unwanted gifts. In this case, parents are often not focused on the real needs of the child. They just buy off the kid, dumping him/her out in the cold. Such a toy usually bores the child very quickly. The toy must meet the child's age requirements to be adequate. The youngest need educational toys. They are necessary for the development of cognition, logic, fine motor skills and creativity. The "Magic Bucket", "Baby Tiger" and "Magic Cube" educational toys are very beneficial for children. The kid learns shapes and colors, logic and memory by picking up shapes for holes. In addition, the "Smart Turtle" will introduce the little boy or girl to figures and fruits. Older children will like the "Fantasy" mosaic puzzle and various constructors, which allow to dream and build figures of different sizes. With the help of educational toys, one can both introduce the child to figures and colors, and learn to count. For that to happen, it is important to give a child a bit of own time along with a useful toy.

Indulge your child with useful toys, play with him/her, praise for the smallest achievements, and help when something fails. Then your child will grow up confident, cheerful and successful.