Photo - The pillow headrest will preserve your youth, beauty and health

The pillow headrest will preserve your youth, beauty and health


Traveling even short distances is tiring. After all, when sitting, the muscles of the neck are in constant tension. For comfortable travel and relaxation, the designers have created pillow headrests

  •     relieve tension in the muscles of the neck
  •     reduce fatigue
  •     maintain normal blood circulation
  •     prevent the development of osteochondrosis

 Ukrainian brand TM Tigres offers headrests in various designs with applications and embroidery. TM Tigres road pillows are made of safe raw materials, do not cause allergies and retain their shape after repeated washing. On the way, the headrest will provide a comfortable sleep. The pillow helps to relax the muscles of the face and neck, maintaining your youth, beauty and health.

Designers of the Ukrainian brand have created a series of headrests for children. Accessories with cute animals will help your baby feel comfortable while traveling and move more comfortably.

Travel pillow memory - a new generation headrest!

A novelty from the TM Tigres brand is a pillow filled with special Memory foam. The headrest supports the spine and neck in an anatomically correct position, distributes the load between different muscle groups, perfectly adapts to the shape and weight of the head and provides the most comfortable and healthy joint sleep.

The main secret of the pillow is the effect of "memory", which is achieved through the use in the production of high-tech foam that can receive and store the contour of the neck.

Foam Memory is an artificial innovative material. It repels dust and is unsuitable for bacteria and mites. The unique structure of Memory adapts to the shape of the body and creates a feeling of weightlessness, and after use returns to its shape

  • perfectly adapts to body shape
  • ergonomically supports the head and neck
  • reduces back, neck and shoulder pain
  • great for a comfortable sleep on the go
  • the foam is removed and the base of the pillow can be washed

Pillow headrest - an indispensable accessory for the whole family. With the headrest, it is convenient to travel, read books, work on the computer and watch movies and TV shows.