Photo - 5 must-have toys for a child aged 1 to 3 years

5 must-have toys for a child aged 1 to 3 years

  1. Stacking Rings: According to psychologists, a stacking rings toy is the best toy for young children. It promotes the development of basic skills such as attention, observation, fine motor skills, and overall cognition.

The stacking rings consist of rings of different sizes and colors, threaded onto a central axis with a base and a topper. The rings have a pleasant surface, making them easy to hold in small hands. By removing and stacking the rings on the base, the child becomes familiar with shapes and sizes, learns to think spatially, recognizes colors, and learns basic counting.

  1. Puzzles: A developmental toy, such as 3D Animal Puzzles, is an interesting and educational toy for children aged 12 months and older. With 3D puzzles from the Tiger brand, children learn to perceive the connection between parts and the whole. Playing with puzzles helps the child develop attention and patience and begins to understand the relationship between parts and the whole.

  2. Mosaic: The best toy for developing a child's creative imagination is mosaic. It develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, intelligence, and the child's attention. The child assembles figures depicted on the pictures and also invents their own unique figures, flowers, and animals.

  3. Doll or Soft Toy (from 1 year old): It develops tactile sensations in children. It comforts the child when the mother is not around. The child plays with the toy in role-playing games, gives it a name, dresses it up, feeds it, takes it for a walk, and to daycare.

  4. Building Blocks: A toy for developing the creative and intellectual abilities of every child. Both boys and girls enjoy building and constructing. Sometimes a child's imagination creates entire cities with various buildings. Young builders construct cars, airplanes, bridges, gates, and animal pens. Playing with building blocks is beneficial for developing hand motor skills, intelligence, attention, and creative potential. The pieces have a smooth shape without sharp protrusions and are completely safe for the child.