Photo - Easter: traditions of a legend and gifts

Easter: traditions of a legend and gifts


Christians have a tradition to greet each other on Easter with in a special way, dye eggs and give gifts. This habit comes from the period before Christ. There is a legend that in the days of the Roman rule people coming to the Emperor had to take gifts with them. Rich people took gold, the poor – anything from the house. Mariia Mahdalyna decided to bring word to Emperor Tiberiy about the Resurrection. She could only bring an egg as a gift. “Christ has risen”, she pronounced, giving her gift to the Emperor. Tiberiy replied scornfully that he would only believe that heresy if that white egg became red. And the egg became red in the Emperor’s hand and he gave a cry of surprise “Indeed He has risen!”

  All Christians have a habit to give children gifts on Easter. Kids usually are looking forward to getting gifts from their godparents. What do they usually give them? Traditionally, a present on Easter have to consist of Easter cake and eggs, some treats and, of course, toys. It is also possible to give clothes, but children are usually happier with toys. 

You can buy educational toys for the smallest kids. Playing with such toys a baby will develop spatial intelligence, brain and attention, hand movements and coordination.


Give cars to boys. Even if a boy has lots of them at home, he will certainly be happy with a new one. Pay attention to construction machines. A young builder will like bright, realistic and educational toylike machines. A boy will get acquainted with special machines and enjoy playing with them.

Giant machines will impress children with their sizes and capacity. They can not only carry such machines, but also drive them. Giants are very strong and carry about 150 kg.

You can buy stuffed toys for girls. There is a great choice - different bears, bunnies, cats and dogs. Your little goddaughter will definitely like such cute fluffy toys. They are not only beautiful, but also develop sense of touch, fantasy and emotional intelligence.

 When visiting godchildren on Easter, don’t forget to play with them. Show how to play with a construction set or puzzles, or how a construction machine works. Or help choose name for a fluffy gift. Then your Easter gift will become favourite for a kid.