Photo - How playing helps to manage the terrible threes

How playing helps to manage the terrible threes


 Your obedient baby suddenly became cranky. He is constantly capricious and tries to do everything contrary. Congratulations! Your child has a crisis of three years. It is at this age that the baby experiences the formation of personality. And although this stage requires a lot of patience, meet him with joy, because the child becomes older and more independent, and the absence of any manifestations of the crisis of three years can be a signal of delayed development of the baby.

At the stage of the crisis of three years, it is important to find the "golden mean" between permissiveness and total prohibition. Games will help to cope with the crisis of three years and direct the upbringing of the child in the right direction.

Eat with toys

Usually children are most capricious when eating. So, feed your baby with toys, and even better, let him be not a passive observer, but an "adult" participant. Put your baby's soft friends at the table and place the toy utensils. Put a piece to each. Boil the bear, because he is cranky and tell how obedient your child is. The baby will be happy to eat, because he will feel an example for his friends.

 Build a house

Build a house together with the help of a designer. Start to be capricious and accidentally break one wall. Then look into the eyes of the surprised child and sincerely apologize.

Tell tales

At the age of three, kids love to fantasize. Let there be educational moments in fairy tales. Tell about the children of animals that were disobedient and what happened to them when they behaved rudely.

Make a mosaic together with the child

This creative process will allow the baby to become more sedentary and calm.

Sculpt negative and positive characters from plasticine

Blind the evil wolf that drove the bunny out of the house. Let the baby play the role of a wolf, growling and stamping his feet. Tell us how sad the wolf is himself. And then make a good wolf and a bunny, who play together and share food and toys. Ask your child what he would like to be a wolf: good or evil?

Pay maximum attention to your three-year-old, but don't be intrusive. Let him try to do everything himself. Even if something fails, do not rush to help until the child asks you. Because the crisis of three years can last a long time.

So, the recipe for whims is very simple: love, attention, patience, understanding, creativity, joint games and good mood of parents!